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Okay, I’ve gotta say planning  my baby’s room was possibly the best part of being pregnant. I mean, who doesn’t love a home renovation project? Am I right?

I mean if you’re not with me then you need to read on even more because this go-around, I perfected baby room planning down to a science.

Start Early – Visualization

I know, I know – you feel like you can’t make any decisions until you know the baby’s gender, but it’s 2019 folks. Super gendered rooms are so passe! Pink and baby blue limit your baby’s room choices so much. I like to be a little more intentional with my approach.

This was my second baby, so this time around when I found out I was pregnant, I knew that the baby’s room needed a refresher, and I knew I wanted it repainted and completely redecorated. So what did I do?

I meditated, of course.

Okay, maybe that makes no sense, but I started by doing a focused visualization. I let all sorts of thoughts and imagery flow through my mind. I saw colors, plants, objects. I focused on the little life within me and let the universe lead me on my merry, aesthetic way.

I saw oranges, yellows, peonies, bunnies, and teal. I saw a deep forest, and an open plain.

Then I had my “aha!” moment – I had a theme to work off of.

Try this meditation a couple of times because your mood and circumstances will definitely affect the imagery that comes forward. I fell in love with what I saw during my first visualization but you can explore until you reach your perfect inspiration.

Get On Pinterest and Start Boarding

Planning the baby room is a deeply personal process, but deeply personal doesn’t mean we can’t get creative. And you know what they say about creatives – good artists copy; great artists steal.

So begin your stealing campaign.

On Pinterest, I was able to identify aspirations - the perfect crib, a couple of rugs, and even some great wall-art ideas. I also found out about all of these baby products that popped up on the market since my last pregnancy. What on earth is a Baby Shusher?!

Start The Big Projects Early

Repainting walls? Do it early. Building something crazy? Do it early. First baby and you need to baby-proof the house? Do it early.

Luckily, pregnancy is the greatest excuse in the world to outsource your hard labor. For the room painting, I commissioned some local handy-men and stayed the heck away from all of those fumes.

For my re-baby-proofing, I commissioned Grandma.

Get Personal with Decoration

I knew that I wanted earthy decorations, so I’d been especially attentive to that during my stealing campaign. On Pinterest, I had picked up some ideas about do-it-yourself wall art, so I figured out what worked for my theme and got to work. For me, it was drying flowers and leaves and framing them on the walls.

My baby is going to join us in the fall, so I thought some dried leaves were perfect. I also wanted some plants.

However, I found out that not all plants are safe for babies - what a surprise! I mean I’d known that some plants weren’t safe for dogs and cats, but I’d never considered that those same plants could pose a risk to my child. But we all know babies can be animals – so unsafe plants stay out and away from the baby room.

I chose some Baby Rubber, Jade, and Fittonia.

Get Your Gadgets Together

Like I said – what in the world is a Baby Shusher right? It feels like every time I look, there’s a new tech product for babies and new moms on the market. Upon further investigation, I learned that the Baby Shusher mimics the sound of the womb to calm crying babies.

I put it on my list.

Next, my biggest tech must-have was my baby monitor. I got one for my first baby, and I’m still using it for him, so I knew I had to get a new one for my second bun in the oven.

I chose CocoonCAM because it’s not a wearable, it doesn’t emit any weird EMFs, and it lets me share these cute little stories of what my baby gets up to while they’re sleeping.

I also opted for a couple of new toys, some nice swaddles, and a gigantic bunny stuffed animal. I personally like lambs, but my visualization had strongly sided with the bunny. You win some you lose some.

Baby Shower the Right Way

If you know that your friends are going to throw you a baby shower and get you gifts than I highly recommend a registry. I trust my friends, but who knows what kind of items I’d end up with if I didn’t give them a little gentle guidance.

I set up a registry and asked for functional items. Blankies, onesies, bottles, etc. You know, anything I could think of that I knew I’d need.

Get Dad To Put It All Together

Once the room was painted (thanks handymen), and adequately baby-proofed (thanks Grandma!), it was time to activate Daddy. All of my items had started arriving at the house and I needed to unbox and set-up. And of course, pregnant ol’ me was going to be doing it.

So, I set aside a day, asked the hubby for help and got going. He helped put the wall art up, got the plants inside, set up the crib and the CocoonCAM, and cleaned up the boxes.

Last Step: Give Birth To The Baby!

I think we can all agree this step is the most laborious and critical of the entire baby room planning thing. I mean we wouldn’t need the room without the baby right? Well, it’s just a month or so now and the baby should be on its way, so I’m resting and preparing.

In the final stages of pregnancy, it’s important to rest, eat well, and just look forward to greeting the little bundle of joy.

How did you plan your baby room? Did you do it before or after your pregnancy? Tell us below!

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