May 09, 2018

Figuring out how both you and your baby can get sleep is one of the biggest challenges that new parents face. We know it’s not easy, but there are a few simple mistakes that you might be making that you can quickly nip in the bud and save you both a lot of Z’s.

No night-time play!

Do not encourage your little one to play, or assume that it is playtime in the middle of the night just because she doesn’t seem tired. It’s true that for those first weeks, she may be ready to play at 2am for an hour, but even though you won’t be able to make her sleep before she’s ready, please don’t get into the habit of engaging in active play, doing laundry or really doing anything that is stimulating. Quiet, calm, and dimly lit is the MO for night time.

Limit your late night screen time.

It’s pretty common for us to turn to our phones, tablets or computers in the wee hours of the night looking for some stimulation to help us stay awake with baby. While these might help us stay up, the blue light emitted by screens can actually inhibit melatonin production, which will make it difficult for you to fall asleep once your baby has dozed off again.

Note: Apple devices now have a NIght Mode, which warms the tone of the screen and reduces the blue hue, which is a great option for those of you using a smartphone-enabled monitor such as Cocoon Cam.

Let baby sleep!

We know, this one sounds simple, but it’s not uncommon for parents to mistakenly think their babies are waking up in the middle of deep sleep when they start to stir a little bit. Perhaps even more common is for parents to accidentally wake baby while trying to make sure they are still breathing. So how can you be sure that your baby is both safe and sound asleep without waking it up? Thankfully Cocoon Cam baby monitor uses real time HD video to analyze your baby’s sleep and breathing. Cocoon Cam can pick up if your baby is waking up or just moving around a bit. If anything happens, Cocoon Cam proactively sends a notification directly to your phone so you’ll know exactly when your baby is waking up.

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