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Having a baby has been … life changing, to put it lightly. Nothing has made me so happy, excited, scared, yada yada – all new moms know the deal. A new baby can be a wonderful experience, but it’s definitely a harrowing experience. I can’t tell you how many things I learn from day-to-day! They should honestly teach these things in school.

Which brings me to crib health. So here I am, sleep-deprived, and paranoid that something might happen to my baby lest I look away for even a second, and it’s already time for me to start sleep training her. Cue hours of Googling and inevitable deluge of contradictory information. Why can’t all babies be the same and need the same things?!

But as I researched, I came upon an interesting and somewhat paradoxical concept. The idea is that, as your baby sleeps, you want to make sure that their crib doesn’t have anything in it.

Say what?

That’s right! No blankets, no pillows, no stuffed animals, no toys – nothing.

I always thought that my baby would be lonely if I left her in there without at least a toy, but it turns out it’s apparently a big safety hazard.

So, after a good couple of hours of trawling the archives of the internet, skimming books by experts, and giving my doctor friend a call, I’ve collected the basics of good crib health.

    1. Thou shalt not put the crib near or beneath a window – lest the baby should overheat while she sleeps, or a host of other possible safety catastrophes I’d rather not think about.
    2. All wires should be away from the crib and out of the baby’s reach – self-explanatory. Cord covers are a must.
    3. The crib shalt be kept free of all small objects – they can be choking or suffocation hazards. This includes baby toys, blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, and miscellaneous items like cell phones, books, bowls, bottles, etc.
    4. The crib should be lowered as your baby grows to prevent falls – Cuz, you know, gravity.
    5. No cords or wearables in the crib – anything that can hurt the baby should be left out and away from the crib.
    6. Temperature control – babies are sensitive to temperature changes and we must make sure that the humidity and temperature are comfortable for the baby.
    7. Finally, and most importantly, regular check-ins – Your baby is unattended in the crib, but that means that you should check in  regularly to make sure that your baby is sleeping – safely.

After I took everything out of my baby’s crib, I felt a lot better knowing that I’d increased her safety as she slept away, unaware. I like to check in on her every now and then, and I make it a point to never be too far away while she’s sleeping. There’s always someone available to help her right as she needs it and her dad and I can’t help but peek in … a little too often.

I’ve also set up a baby monitoring product, ours is a CocoonCAM, because it helps us check in even more frequently and alerts us when our baby wakes. I have to say though, it’s a little easy to get complacent, so I make it a point to check in regularly, even though I use CocoonCAM. Afterall, like they say, nothing replaces a mother’s love, right?

How safe is your crib set up? Do you have any tips or tricks you used when you were sleep training your baby? Tell us below!

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