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Babylist 2018 Best Baby Monitor

We asked thousands of real Babylist families about the baby products they love the most. We took the top products they shared with us and added our own research and insight to tell you about the best video monitors. READ MORE 


Cool Vendors in AI for Computer Vision

Artificial intelligence for computer vision is ready for production. Data and analytics leaders can use this research to re-evaluate the competencies and functionality of computer vision vendors based on their ability to help deliver business valueREAD MORE 


#2 Monitor in Reader's Favorites of Baby & Children's Product News

Cocoon Health is the recipient of the #2 Monitors award in the 2018 Reader's Favorites in Baby & Children's Product News. READ MORE 


The #1 Baby Monitor for Sleep Training

The feature that I love for parents of newborns is that it has a real-time breathing monitor at the bottom of the screen. Many parents of newborns are concerned about SIDS. Having a video monitor that monitors breathing is a wonderful tool to ease those anxieties. And it does this in a non-invasive way. READ MORE 


Cocoon Health Review from Savvy Sassy Moms

Bringing home baby is always stressful. Whether its your first or your last you worry about many of the same things. One my concerns was the transition to the crib from our bedroom. My first daughter Peyton was a tiny preemie (4 pounds 2oz when we discharged the hospital) with a short NICU stay. I was terrified of something happening to her when she was out of my sight. Even with a traditional video monitor I went in to check for breathing more times than I would like to admit. READ MORE 


Wheelchair Accessible Baby Nursery Product Review from DIY Lady

Today I am finally getting to share our fully accessible baby girl nursery! It was very important to me that our nursery be completely accessible by me as a wheelchair user. Finding products that would work was certainly not easy, but I believe I accomplished the task of finding the right products and want to share them with you all. READ MORE 

Cocoon Cam in Time Magazine


Infant Trackers Help Parents Keep Tabs On Their Babies

Like any new parent, 33-year-old Melissa Knobloch wants to keep close watch over her child. To that end, the Harrisburg, Penn. native downloaded a handful of apps that track her 10-week-old son's eating habits, sleep patterns, diaper changes and more.

The result of all that data, says Knobloch, was information overload. So she deleted many of the apps, but held on to her bedside video monitor and motion detector. READ MORE 


Cocoon Cam in American Genius

Cocoon Health Is A Baby Monitor On Tech Steroids

Remember how frightening it was when your newborn was hooked up to various wires, monitors, and computers before coming home? Although they may be necessary, there’s a certain discomfort witnessing something so precious hooked up to so many different computers. So once you do finally bring baby home, you don’t want to see another wire or monitor near them.

However, if you want to keep up with whats going on with baby- if they cry, move, or wake up- that seems to be the only option on the market. More wires, and wearable monitors. That is until Cocoon Health, a new video and wellness monitor was introduced to us. This noninvasive, non wearable device allows you to keep up with baby without all the wires. READ MORE

National Parenting Center

Cocoon Health Awarded Prestigious National Parenting Center Seal Of Approval

The baby monitor market is full of options and can often be confusing for new parents. Our testers were delighted to be able to review this new offering from Wearless Tech. An easy to set up and easy to use system with a monitor that offered them peace of mind thanks to a video camera that provides a very clear picture.

There is also a breathing monitor that works without attaching any sensors or additional devices. The Cocoon Health does this by detecting the baby’s chest movements. This amazed parents not only for the advanced technology but also for how accurate it was. READ MORE 

San Jose Mercury News Cocoon Cam

Bay Area Startups Recognized at South by Southwest

Bay Area tech startups are flocking to South by Southwest in Texas this week to compete for awards, recognition, connections and possible funding opportunities.

More than a dozen local companies have been selected from a massive, global pool to participate in formal pitch competitions or as finalists for the Austin festival’s innovation awards.They’ll be showing off their newest gadgets in biotech, wearable devices, drones, virtual reality, financial tech and more. READ MORE

Cocoon Cam in PC World

Pitching to President Obama: What 3 Tech Startups Tried at White House Demo Day

August 17, 2015: President Barack Obama hosted more than 30  at the first-ever White House Demo Day, including a language-learning mobile app, a smart teddy bear named Jerry and a baby monitor that measures vital signs. READ MORE

Cocoon Cam Tech Crunch

The Best of Highway 1's Hardware Accelerator Demo Day

Aiming squarely at the always-worried-parents market, Cocoon Health is a wellness camera and software platform that provides real-time insight on the safety and well-being of your baby. The company is able to detect heart rate, respiration and skin temperature of a newborn, all without having to attach scary medical sensors to the child. READ MORE

Forbes Cocoon Cam Article

This Stanford-Tested Baby Monitor Uses Computer Vision To Keep Baby Safe

Computer vision technology has benefited greatly from the leaps in neural network processing capabilities, and more and more, vision tech is mimicking automated human vision. But would you trust your baby’s health to a camera?

Sivakumar Nattamai, CEO and co founder of Cocoon Health, believes that you should, and he has the research to prove it. READ MORE

Cocoon Cam Mobi Health News

Cocoon Health raises $4M for video-based smart baby monitor

Unlike several other smart baby monitoring products out there, such as Owlet, Sproutling or Neebo, Cocoon Health is not a wearable. Instead, the product passively collects a baby’s vital signs with a motion-detecting video camera that syncs to a smartphone app. Using computer vision technology, the $149.99 Cocoon Health senses periods of low or high movement or when the baby is out of the crib and alerts parents via the app. READ MORE

Cocoon Health Baby Breathing Monitor Review

The new Cocoon Health baby breathing monitor can track your baby’s breathing while they sleep. It’s one of a whole new generation of high-tech devices that give parents an unprecedented level of information about their babies. It’s certainly not the first of such movement and breathing (aka SIDS) monitors – Angel Care has been doing this for years – but it’s the first that doesn’t require a special pad in the crib or any type of wearable monitoring device, as seen in the Snuza or Owlet. READ MORE